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Items: SF-023

Products name: Myricetin

Specification: 50%-90% Myricetin

CAS No.: 529-44-2

Myricetin Introduce

Myricetin is a naturally occurring flavonol, a flavonoid found in many grapes,berries, fruits, vegetables, herbs, as well as other plants. Bark of myricarubra are a rich dietary source.

Myricetin has antioxidant properties. In vitro research suggests that myricetinin high concentrations can modify LDL cholesterol such that uptake by whiteblood cells is increased. A Finnish study correlated high myricetin consumptionwith lowered rates of prostate cancer.


Appearance Yellow brown powder
Smell No smell
Mesh 100% pass 80 mesh
Moisture and volatile matter 5%
Ash 4%
Heavy metal 10ppm
Lead (Pb) 2ppm
Arsenic (As) 2ppm
Total number of bacteria 1,000cfu/g
Yeasts and molds 100cfu/g
Salmonella not detected
Escherichia coli not detected
Staphylococcus not detected
Package 1kg/bag,5kg/bag,15kg/drum,20kg/drum,25kg/drum
Delivery time 2 days after payment arrived
Store and shelf time Put in dry and cold place; 3 years with right method

Myricetinefficacy and application

Many in vitro studies have demonstrated the antioxidant properties ofmyricetin. In vitro research also suggests that myricetin in highconcentrations is capable of modifying LDL cholesterol in a manner thatenhances its uptake by white blood cells.

Myricetin is commonly marketed as an ingredient in products to help consumersstop smoking. It is believed that Myricetin blocks certain enzymes within thebody. Myricetin is also considered to be an antioxidant, ridding the body ofcancer causing free radicals.

Historical use of this falvonoid include treatments for diarrhea, dysentery andas a treatment for fevers. It is also believed that myricetin may also be ableto lower high cholesterol levels, as well as reduce the risk of prostate cancerin men. It may very well be the antioxidant properties of myricetin that isresponsible for reducing the risk of prostate cancer.

Myricetin has been widely used in functional food, all kinds of nutrition,medicine and cosmetics.

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