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Tea Polyphenols

Items: SF-036

Products name: Tea Polyphenols

Specification: 40%-99%

CAS No.: 84650-60-2

Green tea extract- Tea polyphenol

Product Name: Tea polyphenolMolecular formulas: C17H19N3OMolecular weight: 281.36

CAS NO.:84650-60-2

EINECS NO.:200-053-1

Test Method: HPLC

Specification: Tea polyphenol 40%-99%

Solubility: solution in water easily.

Packing: 1kg/bag, 25kg/drum

Storage: Store in a cool and dry room, keep sealed and keep away from direct light.


Tea polyphenols has been validated In the application of medicine and health products:

1. Leaving the aging and improving the immunity capacity of human body by clearing free radicals.

2. Curing disease in heart, brain and blood vessel, and curing conjee sclerosis of artery.

3. Increasing leucocyte in the cause of chemical treatment and radioactive treatment for cancer.

4. Resisting the tumour and the break of blood vessel.

5. Restraining and killing the production and growth of pathogeny bacterium and virus; on the other hand, doing good to available bacterium such as two-brunch bacterium.

6. Resisting radiation.

7. Regulating the body weight.

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