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Apple polyphenols

Items: SF-002

Products name: Apple polyphenols

Specification: 50%; 75%; 80%

CAS No.: 85251-63-4

Product Name: Apple Polyphenols

Product Resource: Extract from young apple and concentrated apple juice.

Active Ingredient: Polyphenols

Specification:  Apple polyphenols 75% (chlorogenic acid 15%, Phlorizin 4%)

1.Used as antioxidant;
2.Antianaphylaxis,especially dermatitis;
3.Preventing decayed tooth;
4.Whitening ,sliming and restraining halitosis;
6.Lowering blood pressure;
7.Hari-restoring and hari-darkening;
8.Lowering cholesterol of the serum. 

Package and Storage: 
1. 25kgs/drum, inner by double plastic bag, 1~20kg by aluminum foil vacuum bag.
2. Stored in a cool & dry well-closed container, keep away from moisture and strong light/heat. 
3. Shelf life: Two years under well storage situation.

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