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Calcium stearate

Items: SF-006

Products name: Calcium stearate

Specification: Industrial, food grade; USP-29

CAS No.: 1592-23-0

1. Product Introduction

Name: Calcium stearate

Molecular formula: C36H70CaO4

It is white, fine powder, puff, greasy to touch, soluble in hot water, ethanol, aether.

2. Specification

(1) Industrial grade

Test items Specification
Appearance (fine light white powder)
Assay of Ca 6.5%-7.3%
Free acid ≤1.0%
Loss on drying ≤3.0%
Melting point 140-158℃
Particle size 99% 325(≥99% through 325 mesh)
Bulk density 0.1-0.35g/ml

(2) food grade

Operative norm: Enterprise Standard: Q/HLX003-2007

Test items Specification
Color White
Odor Little stinking
Appearance Powder, no impurities
Assay of CaO (dry) 9.0%-10.5%
Arsenic ≤3mg/kg
Heavy metals ≤0.0015%
Free fat acid ≤3.0%
Loss on drying ≤4.0%

(3) pharmaceutical grade

Operative Norm USP29 / BP2005

Test Items Specification
Appearance Fine, white crystalline powder
Assay(Ca) 6.4-7.4%
Chloride ≤0.1%
Sulfates ≤0.3%
Loss on drying ≤6.0%
Nickel ≤5ppm
Lead ≤10ppm
Cadmium ≤3ppm
Bulk Density 0.1-0.25g/ml
Stearic acid and palmitic acid ≥90.0%
Stearic acid ≥40.0%
Microbial contamination ≤103 micro-organisms/g

It is widely used in medicine, food, cosmetics etc, used as emulsifier, releasing agent, lubricant, stabilizer, thickener, accelerant etc.

3. Package and Storage:

Packing: 20kgs/bag

Storage: Tightly sealed in a clean, cool, dry area, keep away from strong, direct light.

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