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Rice bran wax

Items: SF-028

Products name: Rice bran wax

Specification: 85%-90%; 95%

CAS No.: 8016-60-2

Rice bran wax Introduce

Product name: Rice Bran Wax / Refined rice bran wax(DR wax)

Latin name: Oryza sativa cera

Origin: CHINA

Process description: Rice bran wax is obtained by refining the crude wax after de-waxing process during the refining of rice bran oil extracted from rice bran. In the next steps, the crude wax is refined by de-oiling, de-gumming and de-colourising by appropriate physical process involving specifically adapted filters.


1. Rice bran wax

Appearance Melting point MP(ºC) Saponification value SV Acid value AV Iodine value IV Wax % Oil % Plastic impurities %
Dark brown solid 70-75 85-120 3-15 5-25 80-85 10-15 5-10

2. Refined rice bran wax

Appearance Melting Point MP(ºC) Saponification Value SV Acid Value AV Iodic value iv Wax Content % Oil Content % Glue Impurity % Oil Absorption test
yellowish solid 77-82 75-90 1-10 1-13 90-95 1-5 0-2 Qualified (±40ºC, not to
penetrate oi in 24 hoursl)


Rice Bran Wax is a hard glossy wax and has replaced Carnauba and Candelilla in certain applications. It can be used as an emulsion thickener and gelling agent and serves as an anti-oxident when applied to the skin in cream formulations.

Cosmetic applications include lipsticks and lip balms, creams, ointment bases, bath and body lotions and mascara.

It can be used to substitute Carnauba Wax in polish and carbon printing ink, thermal transfer ribbons, release agents for various products, coatings for vegetable and fruit preservation.

Packing: Blocks are broken into small pieces packed in 25 kg bags.

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