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Ginseng Extract

Items: SF-013

Products name: Ginseng Extract

Specification: Ginsenosides 4%-80% HPLC (UV)

CAS No.: 90045-38-8

Ginseng Extract Introduce
Product name: Ginseng Extract
Appearance: Yellow fine powder
Specification: Ginsenosides 4%/7%/15%/30%/80% HPLC/UV
Packing: 25KG/ drum
Part used: root
Active ingredients: Total Ginsenosides
Size: 80 Meshes

Indications and usage
Ginseng extract is prepared from the root of the Ginseng, a plant of the family Araliaceae. It regulates the activity of the central nervous system and gives a stimulating and tonic action to inhibit fatigue and promote recovery from fatigue. Ginseng helps to build up a strong physique so as to raise mental and physical activities, to improve sleep and to alleviate or remove headache. Ginseng also exercises a sedative action for the treatment of neurasthenia, neurosis and other diseases of the nervous system.
Ginseng regulates the blood pressure and aids the blood circulation. It cures or alleviates coronary heart disease, hypertension, hypo-tension and myocardial malnutrition.
Ginseng lowers the level of blood sugar and uric sugar in the patients suffering from diabetes of slight and medium-grave symptoms, rendering thus a general improvement of health condition.
Ginseng promotes the biosynthesis of ribonucleic acid and protein in the liver, marrow and testicles, increases the nucleic fission of the marrow cells, and gives impetus to metabolism. It activates the functions of the hematogenous organ and serves as a remedy to the depression of sexual capability and to the anemia.
Ginseng enhances the resistance of human body against heart-shock and therefore serves as a first-aid drug to save death-impending patients, giving them an extra lease of life.

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